Sunday, September 27, 2009

Walk your Way Out of Impotence!

Nothing must be as fearful to man as the thought of the disease named erectile dysfunction. Affecting almost 98% of men, this disease has always been treated more as an embarrassment rather than a disease. Probably that is why the invention of ED cure took such a long time. Due to the social stigmas, ED has always been kept under the wraps. So it is only natural that if people would not come forward with their problems, medical science would not feel the need of inventing cures for the disease, treatments will either not be recognized or they will be recognized late. This same thing happened with male impotence also. Since medical world was involved with the invention of cures for other diseases that were life threatening, the invention of a cure for erectile dysfunction got delayed.

Erectile dysfunction is a disease that mostly attacks men in their middle ages. Other diseases that are common in the middle ages of men many a times become the primary cause of erectile dysfunction. Most of the causes of ED are physical contrary to the popular belief. No doubt mental causes are also instrumental in the occurrence of ED but in 80% of the cases physical conditions are responsible for causing ED in a person.

Coming back to the topic of other diseases being the cause of ED, the common ailments of the middle age like cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, heart ailments etc are very fertile grounds for the breeding of impotency in men. ED in the company of these other diseases becomes very difficult to treat. The established ED treatments till date are the oral erectile dysfunction cures that were barely invented a decade back. But these ED drugs can cause serious drug interactions if taken with the drugs of the other diseases that are mentioned above. Hence many a times the ED medications remain inaccessible to the people who need them the most.

Therefore medical science have been making constant attempts to invent or discover other methods that might help people in treating ED to some extent without the aid of the acclaimed ED drugs. To a certain degree these attempts have also born fruits. A study in the Second University of Naples have proved that middle aged men can get rid of their erectile dysfunction with the help of atleast 3 kilometers of brisk walking daily. The study has shown that the people who are suffering ED in their middle age but are without any of the common diseases of that age namely, diabetes, cardio vascular diseases, or heart ailments, can treat their ED with the help of walking regularly and hence burning around 200 calories in the process. This is particularly true of the people who are obese. Obesity in the middle age can also lead to erectile dysfunction. To such people walking can be a real boon. Positive results are seen in the people with ED who have been walking for around 2 years.

However, if you are one of those people who can’t work hard, then don’t panic. I have mentioned about the oral ED drugs early in the article. You can take the help of ED drugs like the Lilly Icos Cialis drug. You needn’t work hard even to get the Cialis pill; just Buy Cialis from a known Online Pharmacy. But do make it a point to take Cialis prescription because it is a prescribed drug. In case of neglect this advice, you may actually end up in a deeper trouble.

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